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Converting Legacy PTC Mathcad Worksheets
You can convert legacy PTC Mathcad worksheets and templates to PTC Mathcad Prime .mcdx and .mctx file formats, respectively.
When you convert a legacy PTC Mathcad worksheet to PTC Mathcad Prime format, the converter annotates all unsupported content and saves the original content as an image. Annotations flag differences in calculation methods, result formatting, and operator display. For more information, refer to the PTC Mathcad Prime Migration Guide.
You may have to reformat some converted content. For example, headers and footers are handled differently in PTC Mathcad Prime, so the XMCD, MCD Converter does not perform a complete conversion. In this case, you must add the finishing touches as you open the converted worksheet.
Before you convert a legacy file:
If you update a converted PTC Mathcad worksheet in PTC Mathcad Prime, a new conversion of the same source file will overwrite the updated file.
If you convert a legacy PTC Mathcad worksheet, and a file with the same name already exists in the working directory, you get a warning message that the file will be overwritten.
If a source file contains a write function like WRITEPRN, opening the converted file will write to the specified data file.
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