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Argument Types
When a PTC Mathcad built-in function is defined in the Online Help or in a tooltip, the function arguments are listed after the function name. In the argument list, the arguments are separated by commas. There are several types of arguments:
Required—Most of the arguments are mandatory for the built-in functions to work.
Optional—These arguments are surrounded by square brackets, […] .
Selected—You can choose one of several arguments when the arguments are separated by a slash, .../...
Strings—As for all strings typed in math expressions, these arguments are surrounded by double quotation marks, “…” .
For example, in the analysis of variance function anova(A, Y, [“fac”/order]):
A and Y are mandatory arguments.
“fac” is a string.
You can specify either “fac” or order.
“fac” and order are optional arguments.
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