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About PTC Mathcad Prime and OLE Objects
PTC Mathcad Prime allows you to insert Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) objects into your worksheet. You can use this capability to embed new or existing content from other applications into your worksheet.
You create your content using an external application that provides you with capabilities not found in PTC Mathcad Prime, such as a sketch from Microsoft Visio, and then you insert that content as an object into your worksheet.
Even if you close the content authoring application, double clicking the inserted object opens the object in its parent application.
Once you activate an object in your worksheet, you then can make changes to it in its parent application. These changes are sent back to PTC Mathcad Prime each time you finish editing or when you click save.
You can embed content from any application that is already installed on your machine. Here’s a sample list of such applications:
Adobe Acrobat Document
Microsoft Excel Worksheet
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Visio
Paintbrush Picture
Paintbrush Picture (Paint) opens images that use the .BMP format.
Before creating an OLE object from an image of a different format, you may want to save it first as a .BMP file.
Wordpad Document
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