About Areas
Areas are collapsible regions that allow you to group and hide calculations. Inside an area you can perform operations such as defining variables, performing calculations, and plotting data. You can insert several areas in a single PTC Mathcad worksheet.
The following restrictions apply for areas:
You cannot insert a page break inside an area.
You cannot drag worksheet regions and drop them into an area. You can, however, cut them and paste them into the area.
You cannot insert an area inside an area, a solve block, an Excel component, or in a worksheet header or footer.
You can also include definitions and calculations without showing them by using Include Worksheet.
Uses of Areas
You can group related information in an area.
You can improve the navigation of your worksheet by hiding lengthy calculations.
You can display and print only sections you are interested in while hiding other areas.
You can disable all the regions in an area using a single click.
Protecting Your Area
You can use areas to protect, lock, or hide information or equations in your worksheets.
Protection, however, should not be confused with security. You should not rely on this feature to protect content from users with malicious intent.
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