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About 3D Plot Parts
With 3D plots you can view three-dimensional data. Each trace represents a set of z values.
1. Plot region
2. Axis selector
3. Editable axis
4. Tick mark value
5. Axis expression
6. Unit placeholder
7. x-axis
8. y-axis
9. z-axis
10. View control
Working with 3D Plot Parts
You can edit, format, and view 3D plots as you do for XY plots. A few differences between the two plot types follow:
Tick mark value—Before you can edit a tick mark, you must first select an axis on the axis selector.
Trace type—You cannot change the trace type of a 3D plot, but you can show or hide lines to change the plot style and display a surface, a curve, or scattered data.
Surface fill—You can set a surface fill for surface plots.
Number of Points—When you plot functions in 3D, the Number of Points option controls the two plotted variables with a single value. You must define range variables above the plot if you want to control the grid in each direction.
View control—You can set the cursor mode to spin, pan, or zoom, and then you can modify the view of the plot.
Perspective—You can view the plot with or without perspective.
Axis expression—You cannot move the axis expression.
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