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Task 4–1: Inserting Vectors
Vectors are matrices with only one row or column. They are used to store one-dimensional data sets.
1. To insert the matrix operator, type [ (left square bracket) for a 1–element array.
2. Type 2 4 6 5 9, pressing Tab between each number to insert a new row.
3. For a matrix template, on the Matrices/Tables tab, in the Matrices and Tables group, click Insert Matrix. To insert a row vector with 1 row and 6 columns, drag the pointer for a 1 × 6 matrix.
4. Type the following numbers in the empty placeholders. To move from one placeholder to the other, press Tab to move forward or Shift+Tab to move backward, or press the Arrow keys.
5. Evaluate the following expression using your preferred method to enter vectors:
6. To calculate the dot product of two vectors, multiply them together.
7. To group the two vectors, place the cursor to the left of the math region, and then press Spacebar twice. On the Math tab, in the Operators and Symbols group, click Operators and select the Vectorization operator from the Vector and Matrix list. Enter = to evaluate the expression. The vectors are multiplied term-by-term.
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