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About the Getting Started Tutorial
With PTC Mathcad, the tasks of performing, documenting, and sharing calculations are integrated into one seamless process, substantially increasing your productivity. This tutorial demonstrates PTC Mathcad's core, essential functionality.
Some examples contain functions that read external data files. Download and unzip the data_files file to your working directory before proceeding with the tutorial exercises.
The images in data_files are used in examples about Image Processing functions. In this tutorial, you will only use the csv.txt data file.
The tutorial is composed of six sequential exercises:
Exercise 1: Learn how to use the Ribbon and Help
Exercise 2: Enter and edit math equations
Exercise 3: Define and evaluate variables and functions
Exercise 4: Insert and work with vectors and matrices
Exercise 5: Create and format plots
Exercise 6: Customize and format your worksheets
Complete the exercises in order. Proceed to Exercise 1.
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