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Task 3–2: Defining and Evaluating Global Variables
1. Type x.
2. To insert a global definition operator, on the Math tab, in the Operators and Symbols group, click Operators and then select the Global Definition operator from the Definition and Evaluation category.
Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+~.
3. Type 3. Variable x is now defined globally throughout the worksheet.
4. Evaluate x.
5. In a new math region below the previous math region, type x and then insert the local definition operator followed by 5.
The local definition fails because variable x is already defined globally.
6. Evaluate x again.
Variable x returns its globally defined value.
7. Define variable z locally and assign it the value of 1.
8. Define variable y as a function of z.
The global definition of y fails because variable z must be defined globally.
9. Define a new variable w globally and set it to 6.
10. Define variable u as a function of w.
11. Evaluate variable u.
The definition and evaluation of u works because it is defined in terms of another globally defined variable.
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