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Task 1–2: Using the Help Center
Opening and Navigating the Help
1. Click the Help icon on the top-right corner of the Ribbon. The Help Center opens.
2. Use the Table of Contents on the left side to navigate the Help Center.
3. In the Search box, type “copy math” and click Search.
4. From the search results, open the Help topic To Copy Math Examples from the Help.
5. Perform the steps in the topic and then close the Help Center.
6. On the Math tab, in the Regions group, place the pointer on the Solve Block button. The command tooltip appears.
7. While the tooltip is visible, press F1. The Help topic About Solve Blocks opens.
8. In the Related Links list, click Example: Solve Blocks with Inequality Constraints. The Help topic opens.
9. Read the Example Help topic, minimize the Help Center window, and continue by following the steps below.
Copying Math Expressions from Help Examples
The Help contains many examples that demonstrate the use of PTC Mathcad and its functions and operators. You can copy the math expressions in the Help examples into your worksheet and then experiment with the math.
To find examples with copyable math in the Help Center, include the word “example” with your search term, for instance, “example temperature”. Help topics whose title start with the word “Example” contain copyable math.
Some examples read external data files. All the external data files are in data_files.zip. To work with copied math expressions that reference an external file, you must first set the data_files directory as your current working directory. You set your current working directory by saving a worksheet to that directory.
1. To save the blank worksheet, click . The Save As dialog box opens.
2. Type a name for the file, keep the default .mcdx file extension selected, and save the worksheet in the data_files directory.
To verify that the current working directory is set properly, type the string CWD= in the worksheet. The current working directory appears between quotation marks.
3. Open the Help and type Example: Read and Write CSV Files in the Search box. Click Search and open the topic from the search results. This example uses the csv.txt data file.
4. To copy the first expression in the topic Example: Read and Write CSV Files to your worksheet, point to the expression graphic and click. The expression is copied to the clipboard.
You must click the graphic to copy the expression to the clipboard. Do not press Ctrl+C.
5. To paste the expression, click inside the worksheet and press Ctrl+V.
Alternatively, right-click the worksheet and select Paste from the shortcut menu.
The expression is copied to the worksheet.
6. To copy all the math expressions in the example, click Copy Expressions on the top-right of the Help example.
7. Click inside the worksheet and press Ctrl+V. All expressions are copied to the worksheet.
8. Edit the pasted math expressions to see how results change.
9. Save the worksheet and keep it open.
Open the Getting Started Tutorial in the Help Center and proceed to Exercise 2.
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