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Object: WorksheetReadonlyOptions
This object represents the PTC Mathcad Prime WorksheetReadonlyOptionsCOM interface Ptc.MathcadPrime.Automation.IMathcadPrimeWorksheetReadonlyOptions.
This interface can be applied to a worksheet at the time of its creation. The options of the created worksheet cannot be subsequently changed.
SetOptionValue(optionNameArg, optionValueArg)—Sets the value of the WorksheetReadOnly option by specified name.
optionNameArg is the WorksheetReadOnly option name.
optionValueArg (Variant) is the WorksheetReadOnly option value.
S_OK if the WorksheetReadOnly option value was successfully set.
S_FALSE if the WorksheetReadOnly option value was not successfully set. This includes the cases of wrong option name or value.
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