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Automation API
The PTC Mathcad Prime Application Programming Interface (API) is an automation interface that provides a mechanism for communicating with PTC Mathcad Prime from another Windows application, including custom standalone applications that you can write. You can use the API with PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 or higher.
User Guide
This Guide describes the hierarchy of automation classes, their properties, methods, and events. These classes allow you to:
Open and close PTC Mathcad Prime
Open, close, execute, recalculate, save, and print PTC Mathcad Prime worksheets
Control the appearance of windows
Retrieve information about regions
Assign and retrieve variables, matrices, or strings
Set variable values and get calculation results
This guide also contains the following information:
A description of the PTC Mathcad Prime component object model (COM) based application programming interface (API)
Code examples showing the most common applications built using the API
You can access the PTC Mathcad Prime API through the Ptc.MathcadPrime.Automation.dll installed in the PTC Mathcad Prime top level of the installation directory. Open the Ptc.MathcadPrime.Automation.tlb file using the Object Browser of Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a type library (.tlb) binary file that stores information about the properties and methods of COM objects in a form that is accessible to other applications at runtime. With type library, an application or object browser can determine which interfaces an object supports and invoke its interface methods. It occurs even if the object and client applications are written in different programming languages.
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