Provisioning Additional User Properties into ThingWorx
Attributes from the Microsoft Entra ID User Attributes & Claims page can be mapped to a ThingWorx property. Note that additional attributes can be added to the list, as required. For information, see Create an Enterprise Application in Microsoft Entra ID and expand Step 2 – User Attributes & Claims.
You can find the URI values of the attributes in the respective auth:ClaimType elements of the sso-idp-metadata.xml file.
To perform the mapping, follow the steps below.
1. In ThingWorx Composer, under the Security section of the left navigation panel, click Authenticators and open the ThingworxSSOAuthenticator. For more information, see Single Sign-On Authenticator in the ThingWorx Help Center.
2. On the Configuration tab, scroll down to the User Extension Provision Names section, and click Add. The UserExtensionProvisionNames popup window opens.
3. Enter the required information in the popup window. In the Identity Provider Attribute, enter the corresponding URI value found in sso-idp-metadata.xml.
The image below is an example of emailAddress mapping.
4. Click Add and then Save to save the configuration.
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