Create Service Provider Connections for PTC Products
Service provider client connections are client endpoints in PingFederate that applications connect to when authenticating users. To set up service provider client connections, from the PingFederate administrative panel, click Identity Provider from the Main navigator.
While configuring the client endpoint, for Protocol Settings, under Allowable SAML Bindings section, set Artifact to false, as PTC does not support it.
Prerequisite to creating service provider client connections
The Identity Provider Configuration panel is used to configure PingFederate when it is acting in the role of identity provider. From the perspective of PingFederate, it is acting as an IdP for PTC applications, even though you will configure it to redirect the task of authentication to your enterprise directory service.
When you install PingFederate, you choose what roles you want PingFederate to perform. This affects what administrative panels appear in the Main navigation menu. If the role of IdP was not selected when you first installed PingFederate, you can enable it in the Server Configuration panel. To do so, complete the following steps:
1. From the PingFederate main administrative page, click System > Protocol Settings.
2. Select the Roles & Protocols tab.
3. Select the option labeled ENABLE IDENTITY PROVIDER (IDP) ROLE AND SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING. Under that option, select SAML 2.0.
4. Click Done and confirm that the Identity Provider panel is available.
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