Loss Entry Mashup
The loss entry mashup (PTC.ProductionDashboard.LossEntry_MU) is the main window for loss event entry, providing the wrapper for the contained mashups, and the Save and Close buttons. This window is launched by clicking on a loss category button in the Loss Event Entry pane on the Production Dashboard.
The Add Loss Event window.
The PTC.ProductionDashboard.LossEntry_MU mashup uses the following widgets:
Multiple Contained Mashup widgets, which call other mashups:
Two Button widgets for the Save and Cancel buttons.
The input parameters for the PTC.ProductionDashboard.LossEntry_MU are:
timeZone—The time zone for the site to which the selected work center belongs.
selectReasonCategory—The name of the reason category that was selected in the Loss Event Entry pane.
reasonCategoryUid—The UID for the reason category that was selected in the Loss Event Entry pane.
manager—The manager from which the dynamic services on this mashup are run.
productionBlock—An infotable containing information on the current production block.
workCenterThingName—The Thing name of the selected work center.
There are no output parameters for the PTC.ProductionDashboard.LossEntry_MU.
The mashup uses the following dynamic services from the PTC.ProductionDashboard.Management_TS Thing Shape:
CreateOrUpdateEvent—Creates or updates an event based on the specified information.
GetPacemakerInfoForWorkCenter—Retrieves the pacemaker for the selected work center.
Dynamic services allow you to select the entity to execute a service at runtime. In this case, the service can be executed from any entity that implements the PTC.ProductionDashboard.Management_TS Thing Shape. For more information, see Dynamic Services in the Mashup Builder section of the ThingWorx Help Center.
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