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Deploying DPM in the PTC Cloud
In a PTC Cloud deployment scenario, your database, ThingWorx Platform, and DPM are all deployed for you by PTC in the PTC Cloud. For more information, see the PTC Cloud Engagement Guide.
Solution Central is the recommended tool for moving your deployment and customizations between ThingWorx environments, for example from a test environment to a production environment. For more information, see the ThingWorx Solution Central Help Center.
After DPM has been deployed, review and act on the following sections:
Update the Session Timeout Setting
By default, idle user sessions timeout after 30 minutes.
To change the session timeout setting, a ThingWorx administrator must complete the following steps:
1. In ThingWorx Composer, navigate to Systems > Subsystems.
2. Open the UserManagementSubsystem in edit mode.
3. Under Configuration, change the Idle Session Timeout (min) setting.
4. Click Save.
5. Request that PTC Cloud Services restart your ThingWorx server.
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