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Administration Building Block
The administration building block provides the ability to manage administration activities for DPM. These activities are organized into sections within the administration user interface:
Under Equipment Management, you can view the Equipment List which defines the various pieces of your operations in a hierarchical organization, from the enterprise level down to individual machines on the factory floor. The primary purpose of the equipment list is to define how data rolls up throughout your organization. Navigate through the equipment list to view details on each piece of equipment and manage certain settings.
Under Factory Definitions, you can manage Reason Trees and Material Configuration.
In Reason Trees, you can view the reason codes in each reason tree, and assign materials and equipment to the reason trees.
In Material Configuration, you can view details about the materials in the system, and assign reason trees to materials.
Under Operations, you can manage Shifts & Calendars and Job Orders.
In Shifts & Calendars, you can view the calendars present in the system, view the shifts defined in the calendars, and assign equipment to calendars.
In Job Orders, you can create, modify, and duplicate job orders, as well as assign job orders to equipment.
For more information on working in the administration user interface, see DPM Administration.
The administration building block is comprised of a user interface building block (PTC.Administration), an abstract building block (PTC.AdminConfiguration), and an implementation building block (PTC.AdminConfigurationImpl).
The user interface building block (PTC.Administration) contains the mashups, style definitions, and media entities for the administration user interface.
The abstract building block (PTC.AdminConfiguration) contains the service definitions and Data Shapes used by administration functionality, as well as the Thing Shape that deals with sessions.
The implementation building block (PTC.AdminConfigurationImpl) is the default implementation for the PTC.AdminConfiguration building block, and contains the actual code implementation for the administration functionality.
You can view the contents of these building blocks by viewing the PTC.Administration, PTC.AdminConfiguration, and PTC.AdminConfigurationImpl projects in ThingWorx Composer.
The PTC.Administration project has the following dependencies:
The PTC.AdminConfiguration project has the following dependencies:
The PTC.AdminConfigurationImpl project has the following dependencies:
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