Detail Trend Chart Mashup
This mashup is designed to be easily replaced with a customized mashup so long as the customized mashup has the same inputs and outputs. For more information, see Replacing Modular Mashups.
The detail trend chart mashup (PTC.ActionTracker.DetailTrendChart_MU) displays the time loss trend information for the equipment and loss reason defined on the action.
An action detail page, with a red rectangle indicating the detail trend chart mashup.
The PTC.ActionTracker.DetailTrendChart_MU mashup uses the following widgets:
Multiple Label widgets for text strings.
A Line Chart widget for the trend chart.
An invisible Checkbox widget. This invisible checkbox is always selected (true) and is used when the GetBaselineOEE service calculates the Current OEE value so that it retrieves data only for the past 24 hours.
The input parameters for the PTC.ActionTracker.DetailTrendChart_MU mashup are:
targetTime—The value from the Target (hrs/day) field in the edit action mashup.
reasonTreeNodeUid—The UID for the reason selected in the Loss Reason field.
reasonCategoryUid—The UID for the reason category to which the reason selected in the Loss Reason field belongs.
equipmentUid—The UID for the equipment selected in the Equipment field.
startDate—The start date from the applied Date Range filter.
endDate—The end date from the applied Date Range filter.
Manager—The manager from which the dynamic services on this mashup are run.
baselineEndDate—The end date for the Baseline Date Range field.
baselineSartDate—The start date for the Baseline Date Range field.
The PTC.ActionTracker.DetailTrendChart_MU mashup has no output parameters.
The mashup uses the following dynamic services from the PTC.ActionTracker.Management_TS Thing Shape:
CalculateActionDuration—Calculates the duration of the action in days based on the selected date range.
GetBaselineOEE—Calculates the values that are used for the Baseline OEE and Current OEE fields.
ProcessTrendDisplay—Processes the data for display in the trend chart.
QueryBaseline—Calculates the value for the Baseline field.
QueryHoursSaved—Calculates the value for the Total Hours Saved field.
QueryPriorDay—Calculates the value for the Current Loss Hours field.
QueryTimeLossTrendSingleAction—Calculates the data needed for the line chart using the mashup input parameters.
Dynamic services allow you to select the entity to execute a service at runtime. In this case, the service can be executed from any entity that implements the PTC.ActionTracker.Management_TS Thing Shape. For more information, see Dynamic Services in the Mashup Builder section of the ThingWorx Help Center.
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