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Configurations (Action Tracker Building Block)
Configuration Page
There following configurations are available for the Action Tracker building block on the Configurations page of the PTC.ActionTracker.Manager Thing:
OwnersGroups—Configuration for the user group that contains the owners for the action. PTC.Action.Owners_UG from PTC.Action building block is configured by default.
MashupConfiguration—Used to determine which mashups are displayed for portions of the Action Tracker user interface. These mashups are designed to be modular, so that you can easily replace these mashups with your own customized mashups by changing the mashup defined in this configuration table. For more information, see Modular Mashups in Action Tracker.
MenuConfiguration—Used to configure the main mashup that displays when Action Tracker is selected from the main DPM menu. For more information, see Customizing the DPM Menu.
Manager Dependencies
Services in the PTC.ActionTracker project are dependent on the managers that are registered for certain other building blocks. When a service references another manager, it looks first at the ManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.ActionTracker.Manager Thing to see if it finds an entry for the specific id value. If it does not find an entry there, the service then looks at the DefaultGlobalManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.Base.Manager Thing.
The PTC.ActionTracker project services reference the managers registered for the following id values:
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