Retrieving an EffectiveContext Value
The EffectiveContext value is used in navigation criteria for date effectivity and serial effectivity filters. This value is one of the PartEffectivityContext values that are present in Windchill.
To retrieve all PartEffectivityContext values, submit a GET request to the following URL:
http://<Windchill Hostname>:<port>/Windchill/servlet/odata/EffectivityMgmt/PartEffectivityContexts
In the returned code, each part effectivity context is shown as a JSON object. Find the object with the Name or Number value that matches part of the value you would select from the Effectivity Context field on the Configuration Specification tab of the Edit Filter window in Windchill MPMLink.
For example, if the value you would select for the Effectivity Context field is 0000000005 GOLF_CART, find the object in the returned code with the following values:
"Name": "GOLF_CART",
"Number": "0000000005",
The value for the ID element of that object is the value to specify for the EffectiveContext value in the navigation criteria for your JSON payload.
If there are a large number of part effectivity contexts in your system, you can add standard OData filtering syntax at the end of the URL to narrow down the data returned.
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