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Configurations (Manufacturing Model Building Block)
The following configurations are available for the manufacturing model building block.
Configuration Page
The following configurations are available for manufacturing model building block on the Configuration page of the PTC.MfgModelImpl.Manager Thing:
ModelTypeConfiguration—Configuration table that contains the available model types, the Thing Template that belongs to each one of the model types, and the array of Thing Shapes that need to be added when a model is created. By default, it contains 6 model types: enterprise, region, site, area, work center, and work unit.
The configuration table has the following fields:
modelType—Internal name of the model type.
thingTemplate—Name of the Thing Template that gets added to the model of that type when the model is created.
thingShapes—Infotable of Thing Shape names. These Thing Shapes are added to the model of that type when they are created.
NetworkConfiguration—Configuration that points to the ThingWorx network that is being used to manage the equipment hierarchy. Only one network can be configured for a solution.
id—Identifier for the network configuration. Must be PTC.MfgModel.Network.
network—Name of the ThingWorx network entity that is used to manage the equipment hierarchy.
Manager Dependencies
Services in the PTC.ModelManagementImpl project are dependent on the managers that are registered for certain other building blocks. When a service references another manager, it looks first at the ManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.ModelManagementImpl.Manager Thing to see if it finds an entry for the specific id value. If it does not find an entry there, the service then looks at the DefaultGlobalManagerConfiguration table on the PTC.Base.Manager Thing.
The PTC.ModelManagementImpl project services reference the managers registered for the following id values:
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