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Optimize Your Design with Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad
If you do not already have your PTC Mathcad Express-Free Engineering Math Software, click here to download it. Ensure you have Creo Parametric 3.0 M030 or later and PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 or later.
Click here to download models for this tutorial from PTC University Learning Exchange.
This tutorial demonstrates the interoperability between Creo Parametric and PTC Mathcad using the Input/Output tagging in PTC Mathcad and the Relations table in Creo Parametric. When PTC Mathcad parameters are related to Creo parameters in the relations table, the only way to update the related Creo Parametric geometry is to open the Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad worksheet and push newly calculated values back to Creo Parametric. You must manually push parameters back and forth in order to change the related Creo Parametric geometry. Relations that do not contain PTC Mathcad parameters update automatically on regeneration.
Complete the following tasks that are a part of this tutorial:
Embed PTC Mathcad Worksheet
Link PTC Mathcad Input Regions in Creo Parameters Table
PTC Mathcad Equation Editor: Volume of Piston Head Equation
PTC Mathcad Equation Editor: Surface Area of Engine Block Equation
PTC Mathcad Variable Definition: Minimum Engine Displacement
PTC Mathcad Solve Block
Push Results to Creo