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About Propagating Geometry Changes
You might decide to change your original model. If the model that you change contains optimization studies, and you constructed new models from the results of the studies, then the reconstructed optimized models will be out of date. An icon appears next to items that are out of date in the Model Tree of the optimized model, and a warning appears in the message area.
There are two situations in which you can propagate changes to the optimized model:
Small geometry changes in the original model
If geometry changes in the original model are minimal, it might be possible to update the optimized model without running the optimization study again. This is a two-step process. You use the Propagate Geometry command in the original model, and the Associative Topology Bus > Update command in the optimized model. You can propagate changes to either a tessellated or a full b-rep optimized model.
If the geometry changes are too large, you need to rerun the optimization study, and construct a new optimized model.
Optimization setup changes in the original model
If you change the loads, constraints, design regions, or other setup items, you need to run a new optimization study, that yields a new result. If you want an optimized tessellated or b-rep model, you construct it from the new result.