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Gravity Load—Creo Simulation Live
Gravity loads are body loads that simulate the force of gravity as it affects your model. When you define a gravity load, you specify the components of gravitational acceleration in each coordinate direction. A negative value opposes the coordinate direction. For example, if you want to simulate a downward gravitational force of 1G (386.4 in/sec2) in the Y direction, and you are working in in/sec2, you enter –386.4 in the Y entry box. If you enter 386.4, the gravitational force would be in the upward direction.
To Define a Gravity Load
1. Click Live Simulation > Gravity. The Gravity Load dialog box opens.
2. Enter a name for the load, or use the default name.
3. Specify the direction of gravitational acceleration for the X-, Y- and Z- directions. You can enter a value, mathematical expression, or parameter name in these fields.
4. Select units of gravitational acceleration from the drop-down list or accept the default units.
5. Click OK to create the gravity load.