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Force Load—Creo Simulation Live
You can create force loads on surfaces in your model.
To Define a Force Load
1. Click Live Simulation > Force. The Force Load dialog box opens.
2. Specify a name for the load, or use the default name.
3. Select a surface to which you want to apply the force load. Your selection appears in the References collector.
4. Select one the following options to specify the magnitude and direction of the load:
Force components—Specify the components of the force for each coordinate direction X, Y, or Z. The resultant direction and magnitude of the force is determined from the values you specify for each coordinate. If you enter a positive value the software applies the force in the same direction as the vector. If you use a negative value, the direction of force opposes the vector.
Magnitude and direction—Specify the value of the unit vectors for Direction.Specify the magnitude of the force in the Mag entry box.
5. Select units of force from the list or accept the default units.
6. To define a distributed load that is statically equivalent to a load applied to a single point, click Advanced and select the Total load at point check box. Click the location on the model to create the point at which the total load is to be calculated.
7. Click OK to create and save the force load.