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Summary Report Contents
The summary report includes the following information for the entire design study:
a model summary at the beginning, listing the model type and the number of elements, points, edges, and faces in the model
a running status of convergence information that shows how far the analysis has gone, plus the quality of the convergence and the estimated error
a memory and disk usage summary at the end, including the total elapsed time, total CPU time, maximum memory usage, and the amount of disk space used by various files
The contents of the body of the summary report vary by design study and analysis type:
Standard Studies: Static, Large Deformation Static, Contact, Prestress Static, Modal, Prestress Modal, Buckling, Steady-State Thermal, and Transient Thermal Analyses
Standard Studies: Dynamic Time, Frequency, and Random Analyses
Standard Studies, Dynamic Shock Analyses
Global Sensitivity Studies
Local Sensitivity Studies
Optimization Studies