Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > Stop
To stop running a selected analysis or design study that you started during the current Creo Simulate session, click Run > Stop or Stop run button on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
* You cannot use Stop to cancel a run you started in a previous Creo Simulate session, or a run you started directly from the operating system by using the mecbatch or msengine commands.
When you select Stop, Creo Simulate does the following:
If the selected analysis or design study is not running, Creo Simulate informs you that it is not.
If Creo Simulate is currently running the selected analysis or design study started during the current session, Creo Simulate gives you the opportunity to confirm that you want to stop the run.
If you confirm the stop, Creo Simulate terminates the run and displays a message that the run has successfully been stopped.