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To Tie Multiple Result Windows
Use this procedure if you want to tie a group of contour, fringe, graph, and/or vector windows together so that they all share a common range. This procedure assumes you are in the Results user interface.
1. Select the first result window.
2. Click Format > Tie.
3. When the Tie submenu appears, select from:
Graph Quantity
Graph Location
Graph Both
The options available on the Tie submenu depend on the result window type.
4. Select the second result window.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to tie the first result window to each other window you want to include in the group. By the time you reach the last window in the group, all windows should be tied to the first window.
All windows in the group share a common range. For fringe, vector, and contour plots, changing the legend values of the first window changes the legend value of all the tied windows.
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