Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Evaluating Results > Evaluating Fringe Contour and Vector Plots > Comparing Results > Tie—Contour, Fringe, Graph, or Vectors Result Windows
Tie—Contour, Fringe, Graph, or Vectors Result Windows
Use to set a common range for two or more contour, fringe, graph, or vector plots currently displayed. This feature makes it easier to visually compare different result windows. You can also alter characteristics of the parent window for fringe, vector, and contour plots and Creo Simulate will alter those characteristics for all of the tied windows. For example, changing the legend values of the parent window changes the legend values of all the tied windows.
You can tie two windows only if they meet certain criteria. You can find the Tie command on the Format tab. The Tie command invokes a submenu containing the Legend command, which you use to tie fringe, contour, and vector plots. The submenu also contains three commands for tying graphs.
Creo Simulate sets up a new range that works for both result windows. This may involve changing one or both plots. Creo Simulate redraws either plot for which the ranges have changed.