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To Mail Analyses Results
You can send an HTML report, PVS file format, TIFF, and JPEG images of results of analyses from the active result window as an email attachment to intended recipients. To send an email of multiple reports of analyses, hold down the SHIFT key and select the required results windows.
1. Click File > Send > Mail Recipient (As Attachment). The Send As Attachment dialog box opens.
2. Type the name for the attachment in the Field Name box.
3. Select a file format from the Type list. If you select Web Page from the Type list, the HTML Report dialog box opens when you click OK on the Send As Attachment dialog box. You can click Export to e-mail the HTML attachment file.
4. Select the Create a ZIP file containing the attachment check box to send the file in a compressed zip format. This checkbox is selected by default for HTML files.
5. Click OK. A window (default email client) opens with the attachment. You can select the required results windows to e-mail multiple reports of analyses of different file formats.