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Before You Use the Results Command
You should know the following information when you use Home > Results:
You do not need to save your current model when you activate results.
You do not need the original model to access results, only the study directory containing the results from a run. For Results, Creo Simulate opens a copy of the model it makes when you start a run.
Save your result windows before exiting, if you want to use them again since result windows are not retained between results sessions.
Use File > Save in the Results user interface to save result windows and File > Open to re-use saved result windows.
Creo Simulate saves the result window definitions in an .rwd file. If you define a result window for a design study, save it, and then rerun the same design study, the original result window definition may no longer be valid. You can change result window definitions for a particular design study whether or not you change anything about the design study just by modifying the values and settings you use when you define the result window.
You can use results from previous versions of Creo Simulate. Old results are automatically converted for use with the current release.
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