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Isotropic Material Definition Menu
The following menu items and toolbar buttons are available on the Hyperelastic Material Definition dialog box and the Plastic Hardening Law Definition Dialog Box dialog box:
Menu Command
Toolbar button
Test > New
Creates a new test.
Test > Rename
Opens the Test Name dialog box. Specify a unique test name with less than 32 characters.
Test > Import
Imports an ASCII file containing the stress-strain data. Open File dialog box opens. Browse to the location of the ASCII file and select the file.
Test > Add Row
Adds a row below the selected row.
Test > Delete Row
Deletes the selected row.
Test > Clear
Clears all the data in the active test.
Test > Delete
Deletes the active test.
Edit > Cut
Cuts the selected cells and rows.
Edit > Copy
Copies the selected cells and rows.
Edit > Paste
Pastes the copied or cut cells and rows.
Graph > Show All
Displays all types of graphs except the volumetric test.
For example, you have created a Uniaxial test. When you select this option, graphs are displayed for Uniaxial, Equibiaxial, and Planar. The stress-strain data of the Uniaxial test is used to plot all the graphs.
When you create a Volumetric test and select this option, Creo Simulate displays a graph only for the Volumetric test.
* For elastoplastic materials you can create only uniaxial tests.
Graph > Export Text
Exports data displayed in the active graph in a text file to a desired location. Export Text dialog box appears. Specify the location and name of text file to save the data.
Graph > Print
Prints the active graph. The Print dialog box appears. Select the output format, size, and resolution.
Graph > Toggle Grid
Displays or hides the grid lines in the graph.
Graph > Repaint
Refreshes the view of your graph, removing all temporarily displayed information.
Graph > Refit
Restores a graph to its original state. Use this command after you zoom in on a particular graph segment to return to an unsegmented state.
Graph > Zoom In
Zooms in on the graph to get a close-up view.
Graph > Graph Options
Opens the Graph Window Options dialog box to manage your graph and its display window.
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