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Graphs for Elastoplastic Materials
The graph area of the Plastic Hardening Law Definition Dialog Box dialog box plots the stress and strain data.
It has the following characteristics:
The graph displays true stress values on the Y-axis and true total strain values on the X-axis
The linear elastic portion of the graph from (0,0) to the stress and strain yield points is a red line. The yield points correspond to the first entry in the table.
The remaining portion of the graph displays the plastic or hardening part of the material.
When you create the first row in the test area, Creo Simulate displays the grid lines in the graph area by default. Select Graph > Toggle Grid to hide the grid lines.
You can create a number of tests and a unique graph is created for each test.
When you select a hardening law in the Show Best Fit Material Model Curves area of the Plastic Hardening Law Definition dialog box, Creo Simulate draws curves for the selected material models to closely fit the data points. A curve for each hardening law is displayed in a unique color.
Select Graph > Show All to view test data of all the tests on a single graph. Else, a graph of only the active test is displayed.
Use the Graph > Graph Options command to open the Graph Window Options dialog box and manage the display of the graph area.
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