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Setting Up Optimization Goals
You can use a parameter-based measure as the goal of an optimization study. This functionality proves handy if you want to run an optimization study based on a regeneration analysis or define a goal not normally available through Creo Simulate.
For example, although you cannot directly define geometry as a measure in Creo Simulate, you can define certain types of geometry—such as curve length, surface area, and distance measures—as measures in Creo Parametric.
Thus, if you want to set up an optimization study that maximizes the length of a rod while maintaining certain frequency limits, you can start by defining a Creo Parametric parameter to control the curve length of the rod. You can then create a Creo Simulate measure based on this parameter.
After you create the curve length measure, you can define an optimization study that uses the curve length measure as a goal and the frequency range as a limit. For more information on defining goals for optimization studies, see Goal.
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