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Near Point Measures
Creo Simulate evaluates the measure quantity at sampling points within a user-specified radius of the application point. In this case, the quantity that Creo Simulate reports for the measure yields information on the area surrounding the point.
For Near Point measures, Creo Simulate develops the radius you specify as a three-dimensional sphere. Thus, the portion of the model that this measure considers depends on the type as well as the contour of your model.
For solid models, a Near Point measure samples the interior of your model as well as its surfaces. For shell and beam models, sampling is one- or two-dimensional, as determined by model geometry.
If you specify a large radius that intersects more than one portion of the model, Creo Simulate samples only the portion of the model that contains the application point.
Creo Simulate determines the sampling points from the plotting grid you specify for your analysis. The higher the number you specify for your plotting grid, the greater the number of sampling points and the greater the refinement of the analysis results. For more information on plotting grids, see Output Options for Structural Analyses.
The Near Point option is available for stress, strain, heat flux, and temperature gradient measure quantities. You can only use Near Point if you select a Maximum, Minimum, or Maximum Abs spatial evaluation method for one of these quantities. For more information on spatial evaluation methods, see User-Defined Measures for Basic Analyses.
To propagate the measures defined at the lower level of an assembly to a higher level, select Visible at higher assembly level in the Measure Definition dialog box when defining a measure at the part or subassembly level. If you have a near point measure in a component and that component is included in an assembly, then you can include and compute that measure during an analysis of the assembly. Note that Creo Simulate restricts the evaluation of the measure at the assembly-level analysis to only the component in which the measure was defined. When evaluating near point measures in shells and beams, Creo Simulate considers all points through the thickness of shells or across the cross-section of beams.
Creo Simulate reports a single value for the quantity you select. This value reflects the maximum, minimum, or absolute maximum found among the sampled points. Creo Simulate does not provide the location of the point where the value occurred.
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