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Mechanism Load Import Dialog Box
Click Home > Loads > Mechanism Load command to open the Mechanism Load Import dialog box. Use the items on this dialog box to specify which of the loads you imported from Mechanism Design you will include in a load set, and to choose the load set name. When you open the dialog box, force/load and gravity icons corresponding to the imported loads appear on your model. Use the Simulation Display dialog box to control the visibility of these icons.
The dialog box includes these items:
Member of Set—The name of the load set. The default name for load sets imported from Mechanism Design is MechanismLoadSetx, where x is a number incremented with each succeeding load set. Place the pointer over the load set name to view the name of the Mechanism Design result set used to generate the loads.
You can select an existing load set from the drop-down list, or create a new set by clicking the New button to display the Load Set Definition dialog box.
Load Info—List of all loads available for import, with the magnitude for each load under Value. Select the check boxes for those loads that you want to include in the selected load set. The units are given in the current unit system. To review the direction of the load, highlight the load name. The software displays a shaded magenta arrow showing the direction of action. For information on how the software imports loads, see How Structure Imports Loads from Mechanism Design.
Clear Load Info After Import—Controls whether the imported load information remains in the current session. If you check this box, you can only carry out one load import in a given session. If you do not check this box, you can import the same load set several times.
—Selects all the loads in the list.
—Deselects all the loads in the list.
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