Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Idealizations > Shells > Midsurface Shells > Shell Model Development > Auto Detect Shell Pairs
Auto Detect Shell Pairs
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Shell Pair. Click Detect Shell Pairs to have Creo Simulate automatically detect and create shell pairs for your part or assembly model.
Creo Simulate opens the Auto Detect Shell Pairs dialog box which has the following options:
Components—This collector is only accessible in the assembly mode. Select assemblies or individual components in an assembly for which you want Creo Simulate to automatically create shell pairs.
Shell Pair Detection MethodCreo Simulate detects shell pairs based on model features. Creo Simulate can also use the model geometry to detect shell pairs. The following options are available in this section:
Use Geometry Analysis—When you clear this check box Creo Simulate detects shell pairs based only on feature creation. Feature creation methods that implicitly pair surfaces in your model include:
Thin protrusions
Sheet metal
Plastic ribs
When you select this check box, Creo Simulate uses the model features as well as model geometry to detect shell pairs.
Characteristic Thickness—When you select the Use Geometry Analysis check box, Creo Simulate searches for all shell pairs with a thickness less than the value specified by Characteristic Thickness. By default, Characteristic Thickness is blank if the sim_auto_pairing_thickness configuration option is not set. You need to enter a value greater than 0 for Characteristic Thickness. Creo Simulate retains this value for a session.
* The geometry analysis method of shell pair detection only creates shell pairs with a constant thickness.
* Currently geometry analysis method of auto detection of shell pairs supports only analytical surfaces. Non-analytical surfaces are not supported for geometry based auto detection.
Click OK. The shell pairs are displayed on the Model Tree. If Auto Detect did not pair all the surfaces in the model use Refine Model > Shell Pair to manually create the remaining shell pairs.
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