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To Create a Shell Pair
You can create a shell pair by pairing two surfaces. Creo Simulate creates a midsurface from the surface pair and assigns a shell element to it. You can create shell pairs using the following methods:
Auto detect shell pairs—Allow Creo Simulate to detect all the shell pairs in your model.
Manually create a shell pair—Select and pair surfaces on your model as described below:
1. Click Refine Model > Shell Pair. The Shell Pair Definition dialog box opens.
2. Specify a Name for the shell pair or use the default name.
3. Select Constant or Variable to specify the thickness type of the shell pair.
4. Select opposing surfaces to create shell pairs. To manually select surface pairs clear the Auto Select Opposing Surfaces check box.
* You can create shell pairs only for surfaces on the same part or volume.
5. Select a Placement option if you want to change the shell element placement for the pair. The default placement for constant thickness pairs is Midsurface. For variable thickness type pairs, select the surface at which you want to place the shell element.
6. Select the Extend Adjacent Surfaces check box when the model has surfaces adjacent to the selected surfaces that are tangential to the selected surface. This option is only relevant for mixed compression that is solid/midsurface compression. Refer to this example to better understand this option.
7. Click Home > Review Geometry in FEM mode or Refine Model > Review Geometry in native mode to open the Simulation Geometry dialog box. To review the shell compression, select Shell Surfaces on the Simulation Geometry dialog box and click Apply to review the midsurface compression and check for errors.
8. Click to create the shell pair. Click if you want to create the current shell pair and start creation of another shell pair with the same properties.