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Total Heat Load Dialog Box
Use the Total Heat Load dialog box in Thermal mode to review the total combined heat loads for your model. This dialog box opens when you click Home > Loads > Review Total Load. The dialog box includes the following items:
File—This menu includes the following items:
Save As—Opens the Save As dialog box to save the data on the Total Heat Load dialog box into a text file. The saved data includes the load list and the total value of the combined heat loads. You can select a file name and a folder to save the text file. The default file name is total_load.inf, and the default folder to store the file is your current working directory.
Close—Closes the Total Heat Load dialog box.
Loads—Evaluates selected heat loads. After you select the loads using any of the normal selection methods, a list of selected load names is displayed.
Time—Computes the total heat load at a specified time. This option is available only if you have selected at least one transient heat load. The load distribution over the edges or curves depends on the specified time.
* For steady loads, the Time field is inactive and the computation of the Total Heat Load remains unchanged.
Compute Total Load—Calculates the total heat load.
Total Load—Displays the value of the combined heat load. The Total Heat Load dialog box does not retain any information when you click OK.
* You cannot review the total heat load if you have selected Load per Unit Volume for Distribution and Function Of Coordinates for Spatial Variation while creating the heat load. This is true for both native and FEM modes.
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