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To Review Total Heat Loads
1. Click Home > Loads > Review Total Load. The Total Heat Load dialog box opens.
2. Click in the References area and select the load icon for each load you want to review. To review the total heat load that results from several loads, select all the required load icons.
3. Type a non-negative value in the Time box to specify the time at which you want to evaluate the total heat load.
4. Click Compute Total Load to display the resultant value in the Total Heat Load area.
5. Click File > Save As to save the review as a text file. Type a file name and specify a directory or accept the default.
6. Click OK.
* You cannot review the total heat load if you have selected Load per Unit Volume for Distribution and Function Of Coordinates for Spatial Variation while creating the heat load. This is true for both native and FEM modes.
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