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Review Nodes Dialog Box
After creating a FEM mesh click Home > Mesh > Review to open the Mesh Review tab. Click Nodes to open the Review Nodes dialog box.
Select one of the following options from the drop-down list to review nodes in the mesh:
Select Nodes—Selects an individual node in the mesh and displays its ID, coordinate system or both attributes. Click a node on your model to select it.
Nodes—The selected mesh node IDs are displayed in the Nodes collector. You can select multiple nodes using the Ctrl key.
Node ID—Highlights an individual node and displays its ID or coordinate system or both attributes. If you select this option, type the integer ID for the node you want to review.
All Exterior Nodes—Highlights only boundary nodes and display their node IDs or coordinate system or both. This option appears only if the mesh includes solid elements.
All Nodes—Highlights all element nodes and display their node IDs or coordinate system or both.
Unused Node IDs—Generates a list of unused node IDs. You can use this option to help detect node ID conflicts in hierarchical meshes. You can then correct these conflicts by applying mesh ID offset mesh controls to the conflicting nodes.
Display Options—Selects the attributes of a node to review:
—Displays the node ID on the mesh.
Coordinate Systems—Displays a coordinate system icon at each selected node that will be oriented for nodal displacement. If the coordinate system is not Cartesian, the R, , and Z or direction are calculated and displayed instead.
Click Show to review the selected nodes in the meshed model. Currently displayed nodes are erased and the newly selected nodes appear. The Show button is not available if you have selected Select Nodes.
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