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Mesh ID Offset (FEM mode)
Click Home and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Mesh ID Offset to open the Mesh ID Offset Control dialog box. Use this control to add an offset to the node IDs and element IDs for a component. In addition, this mesh control adds an offset to the IDs of entities local to the mesh. Examples of such entities include shell properties, beam properties, contact properties, loads, constraints, coordinate systems, materials, and so forth.
By adding an offset, you can avoid ID conflicts between two instances of the same component in an assembly. This mesh control is available only if you are working in assembly mode, and you should apply Mesh ID Offset only to pre-meshed components.
As mentioned, this mesh control is primarily useful if you use a component more than once in a hierarchical mesh. In this case, both instances of the component would normally have the same node IDs, element IDs, and local mesh entity IDs, which would cause a conflict when you mesh the top-level assembly. Applying an offset to the mesh IDs when you work in the top-level assembly eliminates this problem.
You can also use this technique when two individual component-level meshes have mesh IDs that partially or wholly overlap, but you may find the Mesh Numbering mesh controls easier to use in this situation.
Specify the following items in the dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the mesh control or use the default name.
References—Select the appropriate geometry. If you already selected the valid geometric references before opening the Mesh ID Offset Control dialog box, your selections appear in the References collector when the dialog box opens.
ID Offset Value—Specify a positive integer value to be added to the IDs of each node, element, and local mesh entity.
Before choosing offset values, be sure to check that the offset does not move the new mesh ID range into the range of a component not previously in conflict.
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