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Importing NASTRAN Files
Use the Import command on the MESH OPER menu to import NASTRAN files for use with FEM meshes. When you select this command, Creo Simulate displays the MESH IMPORT menu. The MESH IMPORT menu includes the following:
NASTRAN Deck—You can select a NASTRAN bulk data deck file to import. Node and element information is included as read-only in the bulk data deck file. The bulk data deck is the part of the .nas file between the lines BEGIN BULK and ENDDATA.
Creo Simulate imports the mesh with respect to the current model WCS. After the deck is imported, you can define and apply hard point mesh controls to current geometry. You cannot use a mesh imported from a NASTRAN data deck later in an FEA solver or store the mesh in a file.
See Guidelines for NASTRAN Deck Import for information on limitations for the file to be imported.
NASTRAN xdb—You can select a NASTRAN results file (.xdb) to import.
Selecting either of these two commands displays the Creo ParametricOpen dialog box, which you can use to select the desired files.
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