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Guidelines for NASTRAN Deck Import
The following are content guidelines for the NASTRAN file to be imported into Creo Simulate:
The CORD2* commands come before the referenced grid point (node) commands whereas the CORD1* commands come after the GRID* commands.
A GRID command for a point not in the default coordinate system should follow the command for the referenced coordinate system.
Two grid points (nodes) that have the same ID but different coordinates are not allowed in the same file or included files.
Two elements with the same ID are allowed only if they reference exactly the same grid points (nodes). This guideline also applies to different files read with an INCLUDE statement.
Elements referencing scalar points—points without coordinates—cannot be created.
Creo Simulate does not display the center node for CQUAD elements.
The continuation of a command should follow on the next line.
Creo Simulate does not import the Replication command.
The end of deck is specified using the ENDDATA command.
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