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Ignored Mesh Control (FEM mode)
Click Home and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Ignored Mesh Control to open the Ignored Mesh Control dialog box. Use this control to indicate a component-level mesh control that you want the mesh generator to ignore when you mesh the top-level assembly. This control is particularly handy for parts and subassemblies shared by multiple higher-level assemblies that use different meshing paradigms.
Ignored Mesh Control is available only if you are working in assembly mode. You can apply this mesh control to assemblies even if you have not defined any mesh controls at the component level. This ensures that mesh controls added later to individual assembly components will not affect how the mesh generator handles the top-level assembly.
However, for hierarchical meshes, if you apply Ignored Mesh Control to a pre-meshed component, you should ensure that the component mesh control you want to ignore is not one that governs the component mesh as it currently exists. If you apply Ignored Mesh Control to a mesh control that governs the component mesh, the mesh generator respects the original component mesh, including the mesh control you want it to ignore.
Specify the following items in the dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the control or use the default name.
References—Select the appropriate part or subassembly. You cannot select the top-level assembly. The References collector displays your selections.
Type of Mesh Control to Ignore—Select one of the following mesh control types to ignore:
Maximum Element Size
Minimum Element Size
Edge Distribution
Hard Point
Hard Curve
Hard Surface
Displacement Coordinate System
All Types of Mesh Control
Shell Element Direction
Minimum Edge Length
You cannot ignore Mesh Numbering or Mesh ID Offset.
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