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Controlling a FEM Mesh
Click Home and then click the arrow next to Control to select one of the mesh control options to define the characteristics of a mesh.
Mesh controls specify the minimum or maximum size of the elements, the distribution of nodes along edges, hard points and hard curves, mesh ID numbering, mesh ID offsets, and the displacement coordinate system.
For assembly models, you can suppress a single mesh control type, or all types, on selected parts or subassemblies by selecting Ignored Mesh Control from the controls drop down list. This gives you the flexibility to use the same part or subassembly in different assemblies using different mesh control settings.
If two parts or subassemblies in an assembly have conflicting numbering of nodes, elements, local mesh entities, or hard points, you can correct the problem by assigning the Mesh ID Offset mesh control.
The following mesh controls are available when you click the arrow next to Control:
Maximum Element Size
Minimum Element Size
Hard Point
Hard Curve
Hard Surface
Edge Distribution
Shell Element Direction
Displacement Coordinate System
Mesh Numbering
Mesh ID Offset
Ignored Mesh Control (available only for assemblies)
When you create a mesh control, the software adds the appropriate icon(s) to your model. For more information, see Mesh Control Icons.
After a mesh control exists on your model, you can redefine or delete it by right-clicking the mesh control icon in the Model Tree. You can also redefine a mesh control by double-clicking the icon on your model.