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To Create a FEM Mesh
Before starting this procedure, you may want to set various mesh controls for your model to more closely define the characteristics of your mesh.
1. Click Home and then click the arrow next to Mesh. Select one of the following mesh types as per your model:
Solid / Midsurface
2. Click Settings.
3. If you selected Midsurface, Solid / Midsurface, Shell, or Boundary as the mesh type, select one of these element types from the Shell Element Type option list:
Quads and Triangles
* You can also select these element types when you choose Solid as the mesh type for a model that contains solid portions and simple or advanced shell idealizations.
4. If your mesh type is Midsurface or Solid / Midsurface, select or clear Ignore Unpaired Surfaces or Remove Unopposed Surfaces as required.
5. Enter a value for the Mesh Optimization Steps or accept the default value of 2.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Mesh. Creo Simulate meshes your model, displays the mesh, and opens the Element Quality Checks dialog box. You can use this dialog box to check the quality of your mesh.
If Creo Simulate displays any error messages before it meshes your model, see Troubleshooting FEM Mesh Generation.
8. When you finish your initial review of your model, click Close to close the Element Quality Checks dialog box.
9. If you do not have the fem_mesh_auto_save configuration option set and want to save your mesh, click Home > MeshSave FEM Mesh to save the mesh.