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Shell Elements
A shell element is a two-dimensional element that:
you use to subdivide a structure that is relatively thin compared to its length and width
has a constant cross-section and thickness
When creating shell elements, AutoGEM subdivides the shell surface into the following element shapes, depending on what you specify on the Settings tab:
Quadrilaterals—AutoGEM creates four-sided elements.
Triangles—AutoGEM creates three-sided elements.
For most model types, AutoGEM adds shells to your model if you have defined shell idealizations. In assigning thickness for a simple or advanced shell idealization, be aware that the thickness of resulting shell elements should be significantly smaller than the length of any of the body's other dimensions and radii of curvature.
* If the shell element is too thin, Creo Simulate may have difficulty analyzing it.
As a guideline, the ratio of the shell element's thickness to its other dimensions should be no greater than 1 to 10 and no less than 1 to 1000.
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