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Shape Animate
Use Shape animate the model in the Design Study Options dialog box of the global sensitivity to show the effects of one or more design variables on your model. Shape Animate allows you to view the shape changes in steps, not just at a specific value. You should use Shape animate the model to preview shape changes and prevent problems with your design variables before running a design study. Start with smaller shape changes to make sure that the shape changes are realistic before specifying the full range of movement.
When you click the Shape animate the model button to start the shape animation, Creo Simulate initially displays the model with the dimensions set to the start values. Creo Simulate then asks if you want to move on to the next step in the animation. You have the option of continuing or stopping the animation at each step. At the end of the animation, you have the option to restore the model to its original shape before the animation or replace the original model with the new shape.
To see how shape animation changes a model's shape, see Example: Shape Animation.
For information on problems that may occur when design variables change your model's shape, see:
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