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Permanent and Session-based Configuration Files
Creo Parametric supports two different types of configuration files—permanent files and session-based files. Either one can control the session, and you are free to chose which of these you want to work with. Here is how these files differ:
Permanent configuration files—This type of configuration file is typically called a About Configuration File Options, but you can use a different name. For recognizability, we recommend using the .pro extension regardless of what you name the file.
* If you name a configuration file anything other than, Creo Parametric cannot reference it during start-up, and you will need to explicitly specify the file through the Options dialog box after your session begins.
When it starts, Creo Parametric searches for a file in your working directory. If it finds one, it references the settings contained in that file when it begins your session. If Creo Parametric does not find a file in your working directory, it also searches your home directory and the Creo Parametric load point, in that order. Should it fail to find any files in those locations, Creo Parametric applies default configuration option settings. Whenever you change a configuration option you are prompted to save the option to the file.
Session-based configuration files—This type of configuration file is called and contains configuration options that you intend to use only for the current session. You should consider any settings you place in this file as transient. After you finish the session, Creo Parametric ignores the content of the file and, if you store new configuration option settings in the file, will overwrite any past content.
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