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Displaying Analyses on the Model Tree
All structural and thermal analyses appear on the Model Tree in both native and FEM modes. Native analyses are not visible in FEM mode and vice versa.
If you select Thermal entities in Structure on the Simulate tab of the Model Tree Items dialog box, thermal analyses appear on the Model Tree in Structure mode. If you select Structure entities in Thermal, structural analyses appear on the Model Tree in thermal mode.
The following analyses are displayed on the Model Tree:
Analysis Name
Structure Mode
Static Analysis
Prestress Static Analysis
Prestress Modal Analysis
Buckling Analysis
Modal Analysis
Dynamic Time Analysis
Dynamic Frequency Analysis
Dynamic Random Analysis
Dynamic Shock Analysis
Thermal Mode
Steady State Thermal Analysis
Transient Thermal Analysis
For an assembly, only analyses for the top-level assembly are visible on the Model Tree. Analyses from lower level sub-assemblies and component parts are not visible on the Model Tree.
The following commands are available when you right-click an analysis on the Model Tree:
Edit Definition—Opens the analysis dialog box for the selected analysis, to allow you to make changes to the analysis definition.
Copy—Copies the analysis to the clipboard. Use the Paste command to paste the analysis to the model. Copy does not work for invalid analyses.
Delete—Deletes the analysis from the model.
* You cannot delete an analysis if another analysis depends on it. You cannot delete loads and constraints that are used in an analysis.
Rename—Modifies the name of the analysis.
Edit Definition—Opens the analysis definition dialog box for making changes to the definition of the analysis.
Info—Displays detailed information about the selected analysis in a separate html window if the configuration option info_output_format is set to the default value of html. If info_output_format is set to text then only information like the name and type of analysis is displayed in text format.
Start—Runs or reruns the selected analysis without opening the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box in native mode. In FEM mode it opens the Run FEM Analysis dialog box and allows you to prepare and start the FEM analysis.
Stop—Halts an analysis that is running. Only available if an analysis is running.
Results—Displays results for an analysis that has completed successfully. The following three options are available:
Open—Opens the Result Window Definition dialog box so that you can define and view the results of the selected analysis.
Open from Template—Opens the Insert Result Windows from Template dialog box and allows you to select a results template.
Open Default—Displays the results of the selected analysis using the default results template.
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